What a complex issue. Do good husbands look at porn? There are many ways to defend either side of the argument.

The first argument used by the husband is usually “it’s not a real person.” The only issue with that is it is a real person. When you are making love to your wife are you thinking about the pornographic images you viewed earlier that day? There is a great chance that you are. Even if you are not, your wife is thinking that it’s on your mind. Looking at porn can be very damaging to the self-confidence in your wife. Believe me, that is not something you want to mess with.

If your wife is aware you are looking at porn, then there is a good chance she is suspicious. Someone looking at other girls on the internet may also be looking at girls at work or in their spare time. The wife will feel as if there could be other secrets besides him looking at pornography. At this point she may ask herself, “Do I even know my husband anymore?”

Another thing to think about is that pornography distorts reality when it comes to how intimacy works. This is not a porn star you are in bed with. This is someone who is expressing their love to you. Your wife is a real person and you need to respect her needs and emotions if you are going to make it work. many women may question if their porn-watching husband even still wants his wife.

If you are serious about making your wife happen then it’s time to ditch the porn. Even if you have one of those wives that say “I don’t care if he looks at porn.” Most likely she’s not being honest with herself when she says that. Instead of getting emotionally involved with some naked girl you look at on the internet, get more involved with your wife. It’s the right thing to do.